In the Studio!

In 2015 I performed at Trout Forest Music Festival in Ear Falls Ontario, a small Northwestern town that rests on the banks of Lac Seul where the Ojibway/Anishinaabe side of my family is from. Little did I know that while in Lac Seul I would stay with an incredible family, The Eady’s, who knew my Great Great Uncle Gerald Bannatyne. Rob Eady and his brother Tim took me around Lac Seul on a small boat. They showed me my family’s old home, trapping line and trapping cabin. We took the boat down the routes they used to take when they’d go to camp for the summer to fish, hunt and trap. We even went to several gravesites where my ancestors were laid to rest. Needless to say, I was so happy to meet Rob and Tim and to uncover yet another part of my family’s story.

This past summer, exactly two years later, I went back to Lac Seul alone, with an audio recorder and my guitar. I sat with the Eady brothers and had them tell me anything and everything they could remember about Gerald Bannatyne and my other relatives up there.

I spent almost a week in the a cabin right on the lake, woke up and wrote, went on adventures with the brothers. And finally on the last full day I was there, after sitting by the water every day, I jumped in. It was SO hot that whole week but I never jumped in. When I jumped in the water, the lake my ancestors traveled on for years before me, I felt like I could feel them all surrounding me. I felt like I was returning to where I was from.

That trip and those stories are really where “RETURN” was born! Can't wait to share the new songs with you!