Holding Patterns (2016)
Produced by Jim Bryson

1 Get to the Part
2 Mind Over Matter
3 Time to Land
4 Red Dress (feat. Chantal Kreviazuk)
5. The Day the Mountain Fell
6. All That You Need
7. Beat the Rain
8. Blood from a Stone
9. Wolf of Time
10. This Time Around
11. Dead Horse
12. On Disappearing

Recorded at The Bathouse and Fixed Hinge.
Performers include: Jim Bryson, Anna Ruddick, Anders Drerup, Steve Marriner, Peter Von Althen, Blair Hogan,
and MJ Dandeneau


Keep a Fire (2013)

1 Strongest Heart
2 Ancient Rime
3 Not This Time
4 Write You a Letter
5 Passed Down the Line
6 So Much to Gain
7 Keep a Fire in the Rain
8 You Walk Beside Me
9 AGB Bannatyne
10 Home on the Road

Produced by Ross Murray. 
Co-written with John MacDonald.

Guest appearances on the CD include Fred Guignon, Fraser Holmes, Pat Giunta, Ross Murray & Peter Cliche.

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Light Of Another Day (2011)

1 Let Yourself Breathe
2 Better Days Ahead
3 Rooting Down
4 Open Door
5 Shadows of the Past
6 Be Your Enemy
7 Bread Winning
8 Push On
9 On Your Shores
10 Kiss Me Back
11 There You Are Again

Produced by Ross Murray, "Light of Another Day" is an acoustic-based LP, focused on positive energy and moving forward.  Themes of hope, community and new beginnings are reflected in the lyrics of songs that are stripped-down in a way that Amanda describes as coming full circle as she really finds her sound and writing style again.

Guest appearances on the CD include Steve Marriner, Anders Drerup, Fred Guigon, Ross Murray and Chris Breitner.


Collection of 10 Christmas songs, all performed acoustically. Recorded with Ross Murray in Chelsea, CQ with Jeff Logan on guitar.